The Bare Essentials

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Prospecting Equipment
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These are the bare essentials for gold prospecting, this is all you need to get started. A gold pan, shovel, tweezers and a vile to put your gold in.

There are numerous types of gold pans, notice this one has  two sets of rifles. The rifles are there to catch the gold, the larger ones are for working your material down and the smaller ones are for finishing. This pan is black, this is my personal preference because it is easier for me to see and retrieve the gold from. Gold pans come in different colors and various sizes made of plastic, it is good to choose one that has a little flexibility not one that is brittle that way if you should step on it don’t break.

Here are two different colors and three different sizes. A 14, 12, 10 inch pan. The 10 inch is for finishing also great for children to use. The 12 inch is lighter than the 14 inch when panning material. I have a harder time seeing the gold in the blue pan, my wife on the other hand has no problem.

Here is a green pan, the rifles in this one are a little larger. The magnetite or black sands show up very well in this pan. This is my second choice.

Here is a metal pan, notice that there are no rifles in this pan. There is more of a chance of losing gold with this one. This pan was my grandmothers pan and I usually bring it on every gold prospecting trip and I do use it and I do find gold with it. It also works good as a wash basin, I can heat water up in it on the camp stove and wash my face. The type of gold pan you use is really a matter of preference. I would suggest starting with either the 14 inch black pan with the two sets of rifles or the 14 inch green one.

You want to have a good set of tweezers to retrieve your gold with. I prefer the ones that are curved at the business end and come down to a nice point. You will also need a vile or small bottle to put your gold in, you don’t want to try to put it in you pocket, you will lose it for sure, unless it’s a nice big nugget.

Here is an alternative to the tweezers and vile, this is a snuffer bottle you use it to suck the gold from the bottom of your pan. This works great for the small stuff and the flour gold, gold dust. I use this as well as tweezers, if I can’t get the gold with the tweezers I use this. The gold dust adds up so don’t throw it away.

Here is Hillbilly John using his tweezers to put the gold he retrieved from his pan into his vile.

Here are some tools you may want to add but not necessary to get started with. These tools I use for crevising. crevising is when you dig in the cracks of the ledge rock I have various sizes for different applications. the small ones are nothing more than scribing tools I bought a Lowes, an awl the long one I made and they all work great. You may even want a magnifying glass.


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