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  1. hillbillyjohn says:

    Nice post Jack hopefully people will start joining.
    Like with anything information is the key.

  2. Dave says:

    How would you rate Maine after the time you have spent up here?

    Next time you come up, give The Sandy River a try above Smalls Falls.


    • I rate Maine as excellent,I find it the best in New England. I have heard the Sandy River is good but have never tried it yet but thanks so much for the tip we will have to give it a try. Can you dredge there?

      • Dave G says:

        Yes, I believe like most Maine Rivers and Streams you can use a Dredge up to a 4 in hose. The place you talked about being closed down I’m guessing is the Cupsuptic River. To bad one loser decided he was going to ruin one of the best places in Maine for everyone.


      • I believe it was the Cupsuptic River. That is to bad and a stunt like that could ruin it for the whole state.

      • Eric says:

        Hey Prospector Jack, My name is Eric an I was wondering if you know someone who would maybe mentor a new comer like me? This is my first year gold panning, I know about the Swift River campground. But im getting cabin fever an im not finding anything in my area. Im in Warren but amm willing to travel, hoping to hear back from you. Thanks, Eric

      • Hello Eric I certainly understand the cabin fever thing I have a bad case of that myself, is that Warren NH where you are located? How well are you aquainted with prospecting? So this is your first year panning how many times have you been out and what river or rivers have you tried? I don’t know if you have checked out our web site at http://www.appalachianprospectors.com we have some videos there that show the basics for panning and there is one video on practicing your panning technique using lead sinkers that will help in improving you ability to recover gold. So check that out and get back to me.

      • Dave G says:

        Eric, you are in the right place. If Prospector Jack can’t help you on some Maine Locations I may be able to help. And Jack, we need to hit the Sandy River, and Dead river hard this summer. I plan on getting out as soon as the snow is gone.

      • That sounds good Dave I will have to take you up on that. Is there much snow up that way this year so far? I was up on the Swift River last year at the end of april and there was still some snow on the ground and a lot of snow melt run off in the river and it was cold I could have use a heater for my wet suit. Then the rain came and flooded us right out of the river. Had a great time. I will get in touch with you via email when I come up with some dates and we’ll see what we can do.

      • Eric says:

        Hows everyone doing? We are getting closer to spring every day! Cant wait to get out there and actually put in a full day of panning. Im looking on-line for some matting material so I can build a sluice box. Any good ideas?

      • I am good Eric although I have the gold fever bad and I’m itchin to get out and find me some more gold. Have you found the matting that you were looking for? We have some at our web site if you can’t find any. For some good ideas for building your own sluicebox check out you tube, they have some good do it yourself videos. A rocker box might be a good idea too. I plan on making a miller box and a few other things before gold season is in full swing. Good luck and have fun.


      • Good articles nice stone too.

  3. Dave G says:

    Best place I had a chance to Prospect, but there are so many more undiscovered streams in the state that has the same potential. What the guy did was lay out a few hundred feet of hose with a wide ended funnel on one end and used gravity to force the water through and he was just washing away the banking of the river. I see you are also into Mineral collecting. Any info you want let me know. I was the President of the Kennebec Rocks and Minerals Club which in it’s self a wealth of info. Been collecting for some 40 years. Only an hours away from Oxford County, and about 40 miles from Byron/swift River. My Brother and I have hit that place as late as Mid December at times. Great place to pan as you know.

    • I agree there are so many undiscoved streams in Maine, there are so many to test for gold, alot of potential. Maine has a wealth of minerals that I would like to explore espcially along the pegmatite belt. I want to collect some amethyst, beryl (aqua marine) tourmaline etc.. This is why I love Maine so much among other reasons such as the beauty of the state, and the people are very friendly. I would greatly appreciate any and all information that you are willing to share about gold or rock collecting. I would like to invite you to share on our web sites forum, we have dedicated a section to rockhounding titled rockhounds corner. Thanks for your post.

    • Eric says:

      Sounds good, Id love to get out an get the feel for it. Gonna see if I can find anything out about off season panning in the swift river area. Any ideas on that? Like I told Jack I only just became interested an have tried it a few times, have done alot of research on it but little hands on. Im thinking about building a sluice box, any ideas on that would be appreciated as well. Thanks guys.

      • Dave G says:

        Off Season? I’ve been eying out a few streams here in the Augusta Area that are open and already thinking of hitting one the next day that is over 40 degrees. If I can recall the best day I ever had on the Swift was in early December. But for close to home I hit the Bond Brook in Augusta. Lots of Color. Tingley Brook in Readfield is also a good place to go in the winter seeing it’s not too far. One of my favorite places is the Sandy River above phillips, Have you checked out this site? http://www.keeneeng.com/ They make a great sluice box, the A51 is the way to go.

      • Eric says:

        Hey guys, I went out for a while this morning. I found an abundants of red sand, does that mean anything? Plus I found a bunch of Tiny red rubys and some nice pieces of quarts. Am I on the right track? The water is quite high still but im thinking that when it goes down a bit I can get into some better spots. Im having alot of fun with it but am also afraid that if I dont find any gold soon il lose iterest in it.

      • Dave G says:

        Eric, the little red crystals you are getting in your pan is most likely Almandine Garnets which is a good sign in it’s self. Practicing right now with a Pan to separate the different minerals isn’t a bad thing, but great practice. What stream/river are you hitting?

    • Eric says:

      Its a little river in Warren called the St. George River. Its a nice spot, its an old gun powder mill that blew up a long time ago. Are the red garnets worth anything? I also found a dark green piece of rock. Any thoughts on that?

      • Dave G says:

        The Garnet isn’t worth that much, but the Medomak River I hear has Gem quality Garnets worth Panning for. I would try the east Branch of the Oyster River. Find bedrock, and dig in the crevices for clay, you may find a few flakes. If you want to find Gold, I’ll show you a few places if you ever want to go out. The further North West you go the better. You ever been on the East Branch of the Swift River?

      • Dave G says:

        Also if you e-mail me, I will show a few pictures from one of my Friend’s day out on the Sandy River. pegmatiteman@roadrunner.com

      • Eric says:

        Just sent an email, no I havent been up that far. Would love to get out next weekend, I guess it all depends on the weather. Plus I have no idea where to go so it would be nice to hook up with someone who knows what they are doing.

      • That would be great if you and Dave could hook up, there is nothing like a hands on gold panning demonstration. It sounds like you are on the right track if you are panning down to the red garnet. you may have to pan it down a little farther to the black sands (magnetite,hematite). I usually try to pan down to a tablespoon or so. Hang in there, don’t give up you are almost on the gold.

      • Eric says:

        Im not seeing any black sand and Im panning it down really fine. So I dont know if there is no black sand in the area or not?

      • There may not be or there may not be much.

      • I would like to see those pictures Dave.

      • Dave G says:

        Prospector Jack – How can I upload those pics for you? Or shoot me an e-mail and I will send them to you. Plus I will dig out my Maine Map with every town that has found traces of gold.

  4. Dave G says:

    Jack – if you are really interested in Maine Geology you should check this book out. It list every town and where to find great specimens. https://maine.gov/doc/nrimc/mgs/explore/minerals/minology-v1.htm List all the best Gold Locations.

    • Looks like a good book I will have to add it to my collection. Do you have We Walk On Jewels by Jean Blakemore. I picked that one up over the summer it seem to be a great book on Maine gems and minerals.

      • Dave G says:

        Yeah, the Jean Blakemore book. Had one of her first copies from the 60’s, signed. My father was her doctor. It’s the very book that got me dreaming of finding my own Beryl Crystals. Next time in Maine, and in the mood for great gem Garnets – check out Hedgehog Hill in Peru Maine. Up to 1 in clear gem crystals. Streaked Mountain in West paris Maine has some really nice Cranberry/purple Gem Garnets that not many people know about. How often do you come up to Maine? One of the biggest reason I have my own business is so I can take off anytime I like and go Mining and prospecting.

      • The one I bought is one of the reprints (Gary Baril) I picked it up at Coos Canyon Rock And Gift, good book. Are those places open to the public? I don’t get to Maine as often as I would like, I spent about 6 weeks in Maine last year, several trips. Thats nice being able to go mining and prospecting any time you like. My dream is to prospect and mine every day, that would be real nice. I can’t speak for my partner Hillbilly John but I am sure he feels the same way. My grandmother was a rockhound/gold prospector, she is the one who had gotten me interested. She had left me her rock collection, books, maps, goldpan and some tools. She would be happy to see me putting it all to use. One of my favorite stories is the one of Plumbago mining corp. and their big tourmoline find. You just never know when you just might stumble upon something like that, it’s out there waiting to be discovered and Maine is the place for it.

  5. Treasure Found! – There is a lot to learn from Greg Brooks who claims to have found a 71-ton shipment of platinum ingots worth $3 billion at the bottom of the ocean in the hold of a sunken British merchant ship, Port Nicholson, which was torpedoed by a German submarine in 1942.

    The approximate location of this WW2 wreck has been known for a long time but no one really wanted it bad enough due to its depth and a risky cargo that might include amunition.

    But there is a parallel here for metal detecting. Most of the people I know who metal detect go to all the same places, the parks, the yards, the beach. But very few want to do the research and the work to take on the hard locations like the woods where there used to be a town 100 years ago or to research old revolutionary war camps or sites that are not protected battlefields.

    Heck i recall a friends dad pointing out a site on the hudsonm river one time and saying that was where they loades ships during the revolutionary war. WOW I thought i bet there are some finds there. But I never went. The bank was a little steep and muddy and hard to get to…Sound familiar?

    The point is if you want to find the good stuff, the really valuable stuff then you have to be like Brooks and do the research and go where others are unwilling to go!!


  6. Greg says:

    Great site, this will be my first year trying my luck up in Maine Im actualy moving to Oxford county in the near future I been vacationing their for years but only in the last 2 years I have been aware of what lies in the ground there. Is their any areas that anyone knows of in the Norway area that would be worth trying for gold? There are loads of rocky streams and rivers through out the area.

    • Welcome Greg and thank you. I would like to move to Oxford county just for the prospecting opportunity or a least buy a summer place there. I don’t know for certain about gold around Norway but I am willing to bet there is some color around there and I would prospect any steam around there provided I had permission to go on the property. Who knows maybe you will discover a good gold producing location, thats what prospecting is all about.

  7. Sourdough says:

    Hi guys. Just checking out your forum. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you real soon. Smiles and Think Gold.

  8. howard langer says:

    This is my frist year pannin lookin to have somone so me the ropes ive been pannin in litchfield just belw woodbary pond below the dam been findin i belive gold dust headin to bond brook this mornning hop i see som one out there

    • Well Howard how did you make out did you find any gold out there on Bond Brook? I just want to wish you luck in your first year of panning. You may not find much gold at first but don’t give up it may take a little time to locate a good spot and you will have to perfect your technique, it all comes with time you will find gold. Some of the best places to check on a river is on the inside bends and around the down river side of boulders. Also scrape out cracks in the bedrock, gold likes to sit right down in those cracks. Good luck and happy prospecting. Let us know how you make out.

      • howard langer says:

        No such luck i think im in doing sonthing rong i went and bought a small gold sluice hopin it will better my odds im a visual person im headin out tomorow to bond brook in the mornning hope i see some one weres a good spot to start

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