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Here is the information on the case of People of California vs Rinehart from a letter to Jerry Hobbs of Public Lands For The people.

The following is an Email I received from Dave McCracken which explains what you as a small scale miner can do to help. If you ever want to get back in the water with your dredge in the state of California I strongly suggest you follow the instructions:

Dear John Dorval,

I am sorry to burden you with this request. I would not bother you
unless it was of the utmost importance. But if we cannot persuade
California’s Third Appellate Court to publish its recent Decision
overturning the conviction of Brian Rinehart, we will not be able to
make use of the stunning victory we have all worked so hard for as we
move forward with future litigation.

I am told that the Appellate Court can be persuaded to publish a
Decision if enough of the public demonstrates an interest in the case.
Therefore, we need as many supporters as possible to send a letter to
the Appellate Court in California. Here follows a sample letter from
which you can copy and paste to create your own letter:

You are welcome to provide different information in the second
paragraph concerning who you are and your interest in the case.
Even if you reside outside of California, it is important to make
it clear that you have a personal mining interest inside of California.

Please note that in addition to mailing the letter, you are required
to mail copies to the parties on the service list for the case. So
the proof of service form must be filled in, executed with your signature,
and mailed as a second page to your request.

Your request must be received by the Court on or before 12 October.
Thanks very much for making the effort on this. All of our many years of
hard work and investment will be solidified into an important legal
milestone if we can just get this Decision published.

If the Decision is not published, we will basically be starting over from
the beginning! I don’t know about you guys, but the prospect of that reality
makes me very tired!


Dave McCracken
The New 49’ers Legal Fund

The New 49er’s, 27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California 96039, USA