Gold is where you find it.

Posted: August 4, 2015 in Gold Prospecting

So, I am taking a course called Blogging 101 on wordpress and todays assignment is: Take control of your title and tag line. Of course this should reflect who you are and what your blog is about. Therefore I am leaving my tittle alone, for me it says it all. As for the tag line I am willing to experiment with that.

My title is pretty well explanatory, we are Appalachian Prospectors, doing most of our prospecting in the Appalachian Mountain chain which covers most of the eastern part of the United States and into Canada, pretty big territory.  We are not confined to this area as we would like to travel to the western United States as well as other parts of the world.

As for the tag line I have changed it from gold and mineral prospecting to “Gold is where you find it!” it sounds more interesting. I got to tell you that it is not original because I have heard it many times around the gold prospecting community but it really is a profound statement when it comes to finding gold. Gold will be where ever mother nature has planted her and it could be any where. There are places that it should be like California, but some folks think that all the gold is gone in California, that the 49ers got it all, they didn’t because gold hides where it wishes. Many of people don’t know that you can find gold in the Eastern part of the United States, but you can. In fact there was a gold rush in Georgia before the California gold rush. It’s funny because I don’t remember learning about this in school, I do remember learning about the Cherokee Indians and the trail of tears, I didn’t know then that is was because of the gold in Georgia, their ancestral land was rich with gold. There was a gold rush in other southern states as well. New England was dotted with a number of mini gold rushes, the people that came back from the California gold rush noticed the geology looked a lot like California so they started searching for gold and found it. You got to remember that gold was not known in these locations until someone discovered it and there could be another large strike in another unknown location just like the area that you live in. All you need is a gold pan, something to dig with and a stream and you may just may find gold where it is.

Prospecting Tunnel Brook, White Mountains NH

Hillbilly John prospecting Tunnel Brook, White Mountains NH


  1. I like your tagline — it works on a nice metaphorical level, not just a descriptive or literal one.

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