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This is titled The Real Felix Pay Dirt Review because we had previously did a Felix Pay Dirt Review and as it turned out it was a fake, you can find that video also on LBRY, view it and do a comparison as to how it compared to the real thing.

As it goes for pay dirt I would just like to say you don’t do it for the return on your investment, you do it for practice at getting better at panning or you just do it because it is that time of year that you cannot get out to do any gold prospecting and you are jonesing, you do it for entertainment. If you want a return on your investment then buy gold from a precious metals dealer or an exchange.

But this is our latest video and Hillbilly John pans out a bag of Felix Pay Dirt, see the results and please let us know your thoughts by commenting on the video or this blog post. Please click on the link to view the video.

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Back in May of 2019 we caught up with Joseph Maranville creator and producer of the GreenMountain Gold Trap, a fluid bed classifier a green technology and we must say we were very impressed with it. Watch video by clicking the link below.


When I saw the pyramid Pro Pan I thought that would be a great piece of equipment to add to my inventory. I thought that it would be great to use in places that you can not use a dredge or a sluice box. Places that only panning is allowed or even in a location that the water is low and running to slow to operate a sluice. I thought that it would be a great item that you could use in those hard to get to locations that you may have to hike into, its light weight and fits in a backpack. I was in a location that only panning was allowed and there was some very nice gold and panning is just a very slow method, I was thinking I need something that I can move a lot of material in a relatively short period of time. I had seen the Pyramid Pro Pan on the net and also advertised in a magazine there were claims that it could keep up with a sluice box. I figured this would be just what I need. I found some videos on YouTube and saw it in action, looked good. I told my wife that I would like one for Christmas so she got me one and I finally got to test it out over the weekend. I dug some material, classified it down to half-inch, and filled a five gallon bucket. I ran the material through the Pyramid Pro Pan and it only took up to at most ten minutes. If I had to pan that bucket it would have taken me hours, the better part of a day. I ran a second bucket right on top of the material I had already run. It was easy to operate, clean up was a snap, I just pulled the plug and emptied the concentrates into my pan and finished it off. I had flour gold. The location I was in has abundant flour gold and if this thing will catch the finest of flour gold it will definitely catch the larger gold as well. I am very pleased with the operation of this pan and I was not disappointed in the least bit. I highly recommend the Pyramid Pro Pan.